Genesis HealthCare Careers

Staffing Coordinator (Full Time)

North Conway, New Hampshire

Job Description




The Staffing Coordinator is responsible for assuring that the center if in compliance with all aspects of the Labor management process. This employee specifically assures that hours of care per patient day are at the appropriate budgeted level, that each vacant shift that needs to be filled is filled by the least costly employee available, and that agency utilization is kept at an absolute minimum.

1. Performs critical daily Genstar functions to include the following:
1.1 Reconciles time cards to schedules daily with payroll (enter misc. paychecks as needed).
1.2 Enters actual census for previous day into Genstar (workload planner).
1.3 Prints and posts three (3) weeks of nursing schedules in advance from Genstar
1.4 `Monitors staffing schedule to ensure proper nursing coverage for all nursing shifts and units. This includes updating Genstar with sign-ups and call offs and alerting DON of potential staffing issues.
1.5 Replaces nursing call outs as instructed by DON, or designated nursing supervisor.
1.6 Updates nursing schedule and posts Sign-Up Sheet for open nursing shifts.
1.7 Enters projected census for the following day into Genstar.
2. Assures approval of benefit time requests and ensures that accurate benefit time accruals are maintained for nursing department.
3. Enters approved requests for leave in Genstar.
4. Monitors and communicates trends in agency and overtime hours for nursing department on a weekly basis.
5. Identifies open positions from the Genstar open Position Report and notifies DON and recruiter of open positions on a weekly basis
6. Verifies and documents status of licenses and certifications of potential new hires in the nursing department on a weekly basis.
7. Provides assistance to nursing administration in filing and forms maintenance on an as needed basis.
8. Prints and posts three (3) weeks of nursing schedules in advance from Genstar.
9. Reconciles agency invoices with Genstar Agency report on a monthly basis.
10. Identifies employees due for license and certification renewal and notifies DON.
11. Tracks use of nursing benefit time and reports negative trends based on policy and procedure to DON. Also monitors and communicates trends in unscheduled leaves.
12. Maintains logs of agency licenses, certifications.
13. Assures appropriate levels of staff are provided at lowest possible cost and works to optimize schedules of employees to meet budgeted position requirements. Always works to insure compliance with budgeted nursing hours.
14. Performs regular updates in the Genstar system to ensure that information is accurate. This includes updating phone numbers for nursing department employees as needed and updating license for nursing employees on a monthly basis.
15. Works with new hires to develop individual schedules
16. Assists in establishing the center as an "Employer of Choice" by developing strong rapport with staff members.
17. Monitors time and attendance for nursing employees.
18. Maintains individual in-service records for the nursing department ensuring that all mandatory in-services are attended timely. Notifies individual and supervisor as necessary.
19. Work with DNS and Staff Development Coordinator with new employee mentorship and orientation program on an as needed basis.
20. Performs other related duties as requested.





POSITION SUMMARY: An employee in this position performs manual and clerical
work in receiving and checking shipments from outside the center and issuing supplies to
nursing personnel. The employee also performs various service and messenger type tasks.
The work requires familiarity with a great variety of stock items, ability to make accurate
counts in receiving and issuing, and ability to exert considerable physical effort. The
work is performed under general supervision and is checked by observation, physical
counts, and a review of records.
1. Fills requisitions from nursing departments for a variety of medical and other
supplies; assembles items and delivers on hand truck; obtains signature of person
receiving supplies and files requisition forms;
2. Receives shipments from trucks at shipping and receiving platform; checksitems
against purchase orders and places them in stock;
3. Picks up and delivers mail and performs messenger service for center;
4. Assembles items received in an organized system;
5. Puts Customer Service First: Ensures that customers and families receive the highest
quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the
individuals' needs and rights;
6. Performs related work as assigned




SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. High school graduate or equivalent with college/business school coursework preferred. 2. Must be able to read, write and understand the English language. 3. Two years office experience with scheduling/labor management experience preferred.

Position Type: Full Time
Req ID: 291935
Center Name: Mineral Springs Center