Unit Assistant (Part Time)

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: The Unit Assistant performs various nonprofessional services related to caring for the needs and comfort of the customers. Her/his function may not include any activity accorded to the Certified Nursing Assistant.

1. Assumes responsibility for specific customer tasks as assigned by the Charge Nurse. The Charge nurse and/or a nurse designee will supervise all Unit Assistant tasks.

2. Tasks related to admission of the customer:
2.1 Mark personal items (clothing, glasses, other items as assigned)
2.2 Complete an Inventory List of personal items
2.3 Assist customer to hang or to place personal items in closets and drawers

3. Tasks related to transfer / discharge of customer:
3.1 Pack clothing and other personal items
3.2 Transport items to designated locations
3.3 Remove name tags and other identifying items from room
3.4 Strip the bed

4. Tasks related to meals:
4.1 Transport customers to the Dining Room to designated seating assignment
4.2 Deliver trays
4.3 Prepare trays (open cartons, butter bread, cut meat, insert straws)
4.4 After food percentages and/or I - O is completed by the CNA, remove the trays and return them to the tray cart
4.5 Collect clothing protectors and table linens and place them in the appropriate soiled receptacle
4.6 Transport customers from the Dining Room to appropriate activity/location
4.7 Pass ice and fresh water
4.8 Assist with Center's Hydration process / activities as assigned

5. Tasks relating to bed making:
5.1 Make unoccupied beds as assigned
5.2 Secure clean linen from the linen cart
5.3 Deposit soiled linen in the soiled linen receptacle

6. Tasks related to transport: After the customer has been transferred to a wheelchair or gerichair by the CNA, transport:
6.1 To activities
6.2 To beauty / barber shop
6.3 To therapy
6.4 To dining room

7. Tasks related to personal appearance for assigned customers:
7.1 Apply nail polish
7.2 Assist with make-up
7.3 Brush hair

8. Tasks related to customer service:
8.1 Read to the customer (books, newspaper)
8.2 Deliver mail; open and read to customer if requested
8.3 Water customer's plants
8.4 Report any unusual occurrence to the charge nurse
8.5 At the customer's request, help to organize and straighten contents of bed side cabinet, closets and drawers to provide a neat, orderly environment

9. Tasks related to cleaning. Does NOT clean blood or body fluids from surfaces:
9.1 Notify CNA or nurse if any blood or body fluid spills on any surface
9.2 Clean the unit pantry and other areas as assigned

10. Tasks related to Unit resource management:
10.1 Transport records, charts and other items as assigned
10.2 Obtain items from other areas in the Center as requested by nurse
10.3 Answer telephone and/or place calls as directed
10.4 Re-fill paper supplies; file paperwork




SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS:1. Must be at least 16 years old.2. Must be able to read, write and understand the English language.3. High school diploma / equivalency preferred, but not essential.

Position Type: Part Time
Req ID: 312798
Center Name: Cedar Ridge Center