Human Resources Data Support Coordiinator (Full Time)

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: The HRIS Coordinator will support the benefit tracking system as well as the turnover/metric reporting initiatives on a company-wide basis. The incumbent of this position also is responsible for several data maintenance procedures.


1. Responsible for the Benefit Tracking daily maintenance, including but not limited to enrollments, adjustments, and manual accrual processing across all lines of business.

2. Supports the Assistant Director-HRIS Projects with implementation of the Benefit Tracking process for newly acquired centers/operations.

3. Responsible for processing service date maintenance, TAP Payments and updates, and other maintenance as required on a company-wide basis.

4. Takes full responsibility for maintaining and running several performance metric reports and other reports as assigned. This responsibility includes posting the reports to sites for HR department use.

5. Coordinates mandatory federal and state government data reporting, at the direction of the Assistant Director-HRIS Projects and/or the Director-HRIS & Compliance.

6. Assists with Training Administration maintenance and reporting.

7. Assists the Director-HRIS & Compliance and Assistant Director-HRIS Projects in other assignments as requested.


1. Complies with applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not limited to those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act and HIPAA.

2. Participates in required orientation and training programs.
3. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non-compliance to supervisor, Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Integrity Hotline.

4. Cooperates with monitoring and audit functions and investigations.

5. Participates, as requested, in quality assurance and process improvement activities.




SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL / VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities in an environment where timeliness is critically important. 2. Must possess excellent computer skills, an understanding of databases and the ability to work under tight deadlines. 3. A good understanding of the PeopleSoft system integration is strongly preferred, along with knowledge of the overall PeopleSoft product. 4. Must be able to maintain high level confidentiality when dealing with employee data.

Position Type: Full Time
Req ID: 328214
Center Name: Genesis HealthCare