Guest Services Specialist (Full Time)

Job Description

must be able to work every other weekend.


POSITION SUMMARY: The Guest Services Specialist assists in the planning, organizing, and facilitation of Guest Services involvement for patients/residents. He/ She listens to what customers want, maintains flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of customers, and delivers on the small but important requests. The primary goal of the Guest Services Specialist is to ensure that all patients/residents have a positive experience.

RESPONSIBILITIES/ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Puts Customer Service First: Ensures that customers and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individuals' needs and rights. 2. Promotes Guest Services involvement based on the needs and interests of the patient/resident. 3. Provides input into the design of events, offerings and activities and assists in the planning of Guest Services opportunities. 4. Demonstrates the ability to plan and organize daily tasks and schedule. 5. Encourages social interaction through recreation - leisure opportunities. 6. Facilitates Guest Services programs based on patient/resident interests, preferences and life history. 7. Facilitates group and individual activities in all component areas, e.g., physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, creative, wellness, sensory, community, and service. a. Facilitate Guest Services activities for individuals of all cognitive and physical abilities. b. Motivates and engage residents/patients during activities. 8. Facilitates scheduled activities as assigned in a timely manner. 9. Determines and provides resources and supplies to support patients/residents involvement in independent pursuits based on needs, interests, and requests. 10. Facilitates scheduled individual interventions to identified patients/residents based on needs, interests and preferences. 11. Accurately completes assigned documentation in a timely manner per policy. 12. Participates in the formulation and follow through of the patient/resident care plan. Assists in the organization, maintenance and storage of the Guest Services department supplies. 13. Effectively communicates with other staff, patients/residents, families, and visitors. 14. Assists in transporting patients/residents to and from Guest Services programs and locations. 15. Integrates the Genesis Core Values into everyday behavior. 16. Attends and participates in continuing education/in-service opportunities. 17. Performs other duties as requested.



JOB SKILLS: 1. Flexible and accommodating 2. Effective communicator with good verbal/ written skills 3. Good organizational abilities 4. Ability to problem solve 5. Ability to engage in a positive way with personnel, resident/patients, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the public. 6. Demonstrates a positive, helpful image. PERFORMS RELATED DUTIES: 1. Interacts with residents, families, visitors, Center and Genesis subsidiary personnel. 2. Carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on intervention/participation may be required. SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. High school diploma or equivalent 2. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language 3. Experience in Customer Service/Hospitality 4. This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs. 5. Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with Company policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required

Position Type: Full Time
Req ID: 331952
Center Name: Severna Park Center