Our commitment at Genesis affiliated facilities during this pandemic is to protect the health and safety of our patients, residents, and our heroic employees. We have experts on staff who provide teaching, coaching, and support on infection prevention practices. Throughout the pandemic, we take great pride in meeting or exceeding CDC and CMS standards.
We value safety and compassion first. We’ve acquired and maintained a necessary supply of PPE, including N95/KN95 masks for all who provide care and services to our patients and residents. We protect our heroes. We have in place multiple testing capabilities including Point-of-Care (POC) testing in every location according to CMS and local guidance. #WeProtectOurHeroes

Life at Genesis

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Our Mission

Genesis is dedicated to our patients’ vitality no matter what their clinical condition. Getting people back to a healthier state is our promise and what motivates us. We’re changing how long-term care is delivered by bringing together people like you – passionate, highly skilled and motivated to make a difference. We care deeply.

Our Belief

“A culture that addresses the needs and preferences of its employees will have the dual advantage of fulfilling and unleashing the energy needed to perform at a high level.”

George V. Hager, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

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We Care Deeply About You

  • Core Values, Code of Conduct and our Ethics program guide how we work
  • Genesis Employee Foundation lends financial aid to our employees when hardships occur
  • Personal Emergency Employee Relief Program (PEER) provides PTO during life’s difficult times
  • Employee Assistance Program to confidentially help you manage life’s problems
  • Wellness programs to support your health and well-being

We Develop You

  • Career Ladders
  • STEP (Striving Toward Excellence Programs), we offer specialty certification programs to advance your clinical skills
  • Education and Training
  • Leadership Development Programs

We Appreciate You

  • Teamwork & Enjoyment in working together
  • Respect & Appreciation for each other
  • Engage staff in healthy, two-way, regular communication between employees and managers
  • Celebration of shared successes
  • Recognition

We Are Committed to You

  • Focus on improving the quality of care
  • Creativity & Innovation to develop effective solutions
  • Honesty and Integrity in all we do
  • Career growth opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical positions

Core Values

At Genesis, living our core values makes it easy to do the right things right. Our employees know and abide by these values.

  • Care & Compassion for every life we touch.
  • Respect & Appreciation for each other
  • Teamwork & Enjoyment in working together
  • Focus & Discipline on improving the quality of care.
  • Creativity & Innovation to develop effective solutions
  • Honesty & Integrity in all dealings.

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