Restorative Rehab Nurse Assistant (Part Time)

Job Description


POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for working under the guidance of the Rehab Department and direction of a licensed nurse (Restorative Nurse Manager) to deliver efficient and effective restorative nursing care as directed by therapy staff or nursing while achieving positive clinical outcomes and patient/family satisfaction. He/she will provide care within the standards of practice as accorded by Certification to promote the patient's ability to attain and maintain his/her maximum functional potential and prevent decline.

1. Oversees, directs and participates in restorative programs initiated for individual patients.

2. Provides safe restorative care.

3. Communicates with the Nursing and Rehabilitation departments concerning goal setting and approaches to individual patient needs.

4. Attends care plan conferences and provides input into development of individualized Restorative plan of care.

5. Attends and contributes to in-services and staff meetings as requested.

6. Maintains accurate restorative nursing progress/documentation records on all patients participating in any restorative program.

7. Assists with new staff orientation and ongoing education on principles and practices of Restorative Nursing.

8. Instructs and assists other direct care staff with the application of splints, braces, prosthetic appliances, and self-help devices to assure proper application and usage.

9. Notifies Nursing and/or Rehab of patients who may be experiencing a change in their level of functioning.

10. Effectively communicates to the Rehab Therapist and Restorative Nurse Manager on suggestions to help the resident reach their highest possible functioning level.

11. Maintains proficiency in using wheelchairs, walkers, canes, lifts, scales and other equipment used in the restorative programs, and is able to instruct others in their use.

12. Promotes a culture of safety to ensure a healthy practice and living environment.

13. Puts Patient Service first: Ensures that patients and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individual's needs and rights.

14. Participates in quality improvement activities as requested.

15. Other responsibilities as assigned that support both the clinical and operations side of the Rehabilitation Department in support of the Restorative Nursing Program.

16. Upholds the GRS Promises:
be ethical
I will always act with integrity and honesty, and expect others to do the same. I will ensure my actions comply with the standards set forth by our Policies and Procedures Manuals and the Employee Handbook.

be respectful
I will treat others in the way I would like to be treated. I will appreciate and respect others' beliefs, and I will cherish our diversity.
be accountable
I will take responsibility for myself in my actions and my quality of work. I will hold others to those same standards.
be actively engaged
I will make a conscious effort to be an active part of our community. I will check email and RehabCentral regularly to keep up-to-date on important information. I will be aware of the numerous resources available to me as an employee.
take pride in my work & my company
I will be proud of the work I've done each and every day. I will always represent my company in a positive, professional manner both inside and outside of work.
embrace change
I understand that change is a necessary part of life. I will approach change with a positive attitude and will work with my team members to overcome any obstacles associated with change.
communicate compassionately
I will communicate in an appropriate, professional and timely manner. I will strive to be an active listener by making an effort to hear not just the words another person is saying but, more impor¬tantly, understand the total message being conveyed.
strive for excellence
I will continuously work to grow and develop myself as an employee. I will ask for assistance if I need it, and I will be open to receiving feedback from my manager.
I will contribute to a positive work environment where my team members and I enjoy coming to work and celebrating each other's successes.

17. Performs other related duties as required.




1. Successful completion of a state approved certified nursing assistant program.


2. Two years' experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant and knowledge of restorative nursing philosophy and procedures.


3. A minimum of a high school education or high school equivalency diploma is preferred.


4. Attend a minimum of 12 hours continuing education programs provided by the center in order to maintain certification.


5. This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs.

Position Type: Part Time
Req ID: 346332
Center Name: Genesis Rehab Services